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Nylon Carpet

$10.00  Square Meter
Fire Rating
  1. B1

Product Characteristics

1) Lodging resistance

Lodging resistance refers to the Nylon carpet is not easy to lodging performance.

2) Strong color fastness

Color fastness is the ability of a carpet to retain its color through exposure to light, washing, and various cleaning agents.

3) Antistatic property

Antistatic property refers to the electrostatic accumulation and discharge performance of chemical fiber carpet due to friction on the surface during use. Nylon carpet in the manufacturing process, adding antistatic carbon wire, this method obtains permanent antistatic property.

4) Drawing resistance

The pulling capacity of the pile determines the carpet is easy to lose hair. The larger the pulling capacity, the more difficult the carpet is to lose hair. On the contrary, the smaller the pulling capacity, the easier the carpet is to lose hair.

5) Resistance to pollution

The stain resistance and stain retention of nylon carpet mainly depend on the fabric structure, property and fabric structure.

6) Wear resistance and heel friction resistance

Heel friction resistance is to simulate the friction performance of the heel stepping on the carpet when the driver uses the accelerator pedal, brake plate and clutch pedal. Dry state friction 10000 times, wet state friction 3000 times, no product hair phenomenon.

7) Flame retardant

Nylon is characterized by non-combustion, can play a flame retardant characteristics.

8) Bacterial resistance

Carpet as a ground cover, in the process of use, easy to be eroded by insects, bacteria and mildew deterioration. Those who can withstand the attack of 8 common molds and 5 common bacteria without the growth of bacteria and mildew are considered qualified.

9) Sound absorption

It can help absorb the sound produced by the chassis in the process of the car running.

10) Environmental protection

Nylon tufted carpet does not contain formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, ethylbenzene, styrene, formaldehyde, ethanol, fourteen carbon and other volatile harmful substances. Greatly changed the car space is small, the degree of pollution.

Product Details


ShapeIn roll
Width3600mm 4000mm
Fire RatingB1
PackagePlastic bag

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