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Acoustic Ceiling


Fire Rating: Class A

Thermal Insulation.

Moisture proof.



Easy to handle.

Fiberglass Acoustic Ceiling 


Acoustic Wall Panel

NRC 0.9 

Fabric acoustic panel performs well in absorbing the low, middle and high frequency spectrum acoustical noises. It is fireproof, decorative and easy to install without pollutant.

Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panel


PET Acoustic Panel

NRC 0.8

Polyester fiber acoustic panels are available in a variety of colors, including pink, grass green, gold, black, blue, beige, camel and white. It can also print decorative patterns as well as art paintings.

Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel 


Wall Carpet

Acoustic and flame retardant at the same time!

Wall carpet is made of polyester fibre. It has 11 colors. It is installed below 1.5m of the wall to absorb the low frequency voice and protect the low part of the wall.

Flame Retardant Wall Carpet

Width 1.5m

Cinema Fabrics

Better Flame Retardant Performance!

Activited Carbon Back Coated

Polyester flame retardant fabric is sound-permeable, wrinkle-resistant, strong and durable, very suitable for sound-absorbing decorative covering.

Polyester Flame Retardant Fabric 

Width 1.5m

Step Light

7 Colors to choose!

The step lamp is flame retardant, resistant to temperature difference and anti-aging. 

The aluminum alloy lamp body has high strength and wear resistance.

Cinema Step Nosing Light 

Alluminium Alloy Profile

Our Brand

Your preferred partner for cinema acoustic decoration

Qingdao Biz is your one-stop, thoughtful acoustic service headquarters for a complete line of quality acoustic panels and designs. We bring with us decades of expertise in acoustic solution to a wide range of application places such as offices, cinemas, conference rooms, hotels, shopping malls, schools, home theaters, gymnasiums, swimming pools, bars, private residences, etc.

Our acoustic panels are flame retardant and thermally insulating meeting the architectural requirements of different countries. Design easily and quickly with 40 of color and hundreds of shapes to enhance your creativity.

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